the fun never ends…meow

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well well well,

Good evening! I come to you today in the peaceful tranquility of my quiet, clean and fitfully serene dining room. It has been quiet a month, so I figured I would take a few days removed from my recent house guests to exhale and enjoy the silence.

The last month has a been a test of will. As many of you already know, I took my sister’s cat in along with four kittens (who had never been outside of their box). I had actually thought about getting a cat as I live alone, but figured I would wait and see if this would be the right move after catsitting for a month. Well, my friend, I, rest assured no longer have an aching in my heart to take in a tray.

To sum it up…days became weeks. Plates became broked…plants felled…carpets shred and cords chewed to a pulp. Changing the cat litter of 5 cats became a nightmare and I became….well was almost on the verge of  a meltdown. Waking me up at 5 AM chewing on my ear. What was I to do. I sucked it up and waited, x ing off the days and the return to sender date finally hit. My sisters wised up and is put them in an enclosed pen…too late for me. She got two litter boxes…too late for me. Alas, you live and you learn. They were real cute…but so am I (have been told) but cute fades fast and shredded lamps shades should last longer.

Other than that…summer is moving real quick. I am loving the weather. My buds D and M moved in together (platonically) and I am real happy for them. Been playing a bit of tennis, gym not so much. I went to a real nice pool party two weeks ago and saw some old friends and it was just real nice to be connected (Swamp water rocks).

I still am looking to go to Seattle/Vancouver this year. I have not traveled too much and think that would be very cool (been most other places in US). Dating scene….well my friends, I am getting old and as another birthday is unrolled…let me same I am happy I love myself and am happy in my own space and life. Postitivity always wins out.

The next time I write, I will be another year older (unless a stranger moment of energy hits me).  So I wish all of you a very happy summer, with sunscreen, smiles and sand between your toes.

All the best my friends!


PS…of course I could not leave you without a new photo (referencing the blog and my man Federer) enjoy:Watching the Wimbldon final


And then there was sun…

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Salutations readers!

How the heck are ya? Did ya miss me or what??? Yeah it has been a while. I may for the summer months just post 1-2 times per month to keep you all updated on this and that.

So far my month has been interesting.

Exhibit A. I am now the cat herderer as my sister left for France and left me with 4 month old kittens and the mother. Life is a bit challenging. The kittens are cute, but my hands and feet don’t agree as they bleed and hive often. The mother, though my sister would not be to hear, is an attention whore. Every minute of every day. Mind you, I have been living in my own little space for a while…so the neediness came as quite a shot. We are dealing (but only on week 1).

Exhibit B. I went on a third date recently with someone. The first went swimmingly, the second horribly wrong and the third—was the charm. Sometimes it takes some patience, understanding and and open mind. So I am happy that went well.

Exhibit C. I went to a party where everyone was wearing only underclothes. Exciting-a bit. Strange-sure. I guess after 5 minutes and some swamp water punch it was like a day, well night at the beach. The hot tub rocked and everyone seemed cool.

Case adjourned. 🙂

Next month….court case for speeding ticket and cop who was an ass….I am actually looking forward to going as he spelled my name wrong, did not put how fast I was going and made a rude remark after I asked him while he pulled me over. Should be fun.

My brother is officially moving the Florida. We don’t talk a lot, though I would consider us close. I wish him and his wife all the best. Be young, travel and explore. I have I think traveling is a great experience. My birthday is next month as well which is not so fantastic, but alas I am happy healthy and have great friends and family-no bring ’em on.

I haven’t gotten out my tennis racket yet, but soon will. By the way MAJOR PROPS to Roger Federer…I was so happy to see him finally win RG. He is the man. And the weekend he won, my friend Joe was down and we had the best time. Friends over, a few cocktails, went to see UP (was awesome) and got to do a bit of everything.

I also may be going back to Montreal in August….not sure…that or Seattle/Vancouver (few places in US I have not been).

So far so good. My work life is swell. I have been at the printing press for a bit over a year. I reached my sales goals (which in the economy was not feasible for most), so a pat on my back. I may explore some new options in the coming year…sales for sure, but one day at a time.

And as the title suggests, we have had little to no sun this month. I like cloudy days but come one now. I am hoping the summer will be great (already flying by) and I get to take my bike and tennis raquet out).

Enough blabbing…..

As always, I will leave you with a photo.

xo whitelightning

Did anyone know this about Superman?? I guess we are have our little fetishes 😉


Life’s Instructions

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Good evening reader (now is this singular or plural)!

My apologizes on such a long time blogging but I have been busy again which is a great thing.

Weather is getting warmer and weekends seem to be full, not that I am complaining. I just spent a wonderful weekend in Montreal. If you have not been–get your passport NOW and go for it. Traveling is so much fun (depending on the company) and I do have to say that Montreal is a little slice of Europe within driving distance.

My new car held up nicely (just say NO to VW) and lucky I drove (so I did not have to sit in my cramped back seats). We crammed three days worth of things into to….highlights–dancing until 4 AM, swimming in the outdoor heated rooftop pool of the hotel, eating brunch and dinner outside in little cafes…great wine, laughs and a bit of site seeing (though I had been up North once before). I may even go back in August as I met someone very nice…but we shall see.

My friend James is back from Hong Kong so cannot wait to see him this weekened (BBQUE) and I am speaking at an event this Saturday at UB about small business and entreprenership (sp). Not sure you all know, but I do want to start a small business out of my home soon, even just part time. I will give you more updates as they become available.

TV season is over. LOST was amazing, idol no so much. I am def not a bit tv viewer. I am though addicted to this bejeweled game on facebook…cannot get enough. It makes up for the crosswords I should be doing LOL.

I also will be cat/kitten sitting next month. There are 4 kittens all black and will be about a month old…so feel free to come on over and hang out and play with them. I live alone and not used to having full time companions-kittens or otherwise. It will be fun and cute I guess….lol

My grandma is not doing well–well about the same, prob going to a nursing home within a month which is perfect. She needs to be around people and tell them what to do and also get outside.

SOOOO readers I need your suggestions…going to get 1 final tattoo (I have 3 now) so I need you help. Currently I have one on my back, one on my check and one on my hip…I am thinking legs, but I have a bit of hairy legs so I figured you could send me your suggestions.

I also redid my bathroom (once again). This time Miami style…the curved shower rod–amazing and the white theme really does make it bigger….as they say bigger is better.

On that note I will bid you aideu and giving Webo a shout for a happy birthday.

Until next time….


as always I will leave you with visualLife Instructions

another day in paradise

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Sorry I have not been blogging as of late-you know how excited you are to start something (diet, work out) and then it fizzles a bit? Well I am determined to stick with this.

My life is pretty good. I have not complaints, though I am learning more about myself recently. I have had one or two interactions with people and have come to realize that I need to tone down my boisterousness?? I tend to want to share my opinions or be a bit assertive at times when it is not always called for. I am a Leo after all-but no excuses. I have made a conscious effort to listen more in the past few years and respect others opinion (elders or youngens).

My job is going pretty well. I do really want to get this business off the ground. I have done a lot of research and reading and writing about it and I do think that this summer will be a good time. Even if just for fun. You dear reader, will be one of the first to get some updates when we are good to start.

I went to a few parties last nice. My friends Chip and Chris are great…both very smart but laid back and diverse. They have a good network of friends and are usually happy to have me tag along as they know I can get the party started right!! ha ha ha. I went to a real nice old house in Bridgpeort—heating it must have cost a fortune, then to an outside kind of party and mets lots of nice people….even if there were a couple of them with sticks up their asses (now, now Paul tone is down). Funny, though as I guess I made a good impression as I got an invite to another party next month somewhere else.

Well today is raining…I do like the rain. Forces me to slow it down and catch up on things.  I have to talk to my sister to see if her cat exploded with kittens you (on my ). I am going to help Lulu finish this paint job as well and get to the gym. My advice is read read ready…web surf, listen. I find out so many new cool and somtimes dumb things by it. My boss got me a magazine as her husband does not like it. So I read it and got a whole new exercise plan from it. SWEET.

Sorry this blog is a bit boring today…I will find something more exciting to talk about this week, but I figured I would check in. If anyone knows how to add a COUNTER to my blog (hmmm Paul who never calls me) knows—please share.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


movin along…

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Hey readers. I am back from my weekend in Rhode Island. I am currently enjoying 4/20 🙂  (no not happy hump day).

Had a great weekend with Vacca…great exercise, great nightlife. I had a swell time–and I am going back!!!

Well, let me say that I did go out on Friday I (went to New Haven  on Friday) which was an certainly interesting experiences. The addage ‘you cannot teach and old dog new tricks’ is well very aliving and kicking–and not in a good way. How bad is peanut butter and chicken satay, I say YUM!  But I am aware we are all indivuals and you respect your elders and those with different tastes.

How nice was the weatherthis weekend..damn. I wore shorts…about time. As I say that, I say that some people are very weird. Joe and I met our share of characters this weekend. From the bartender with the condom on his pinky, to the homeless asking for anything to everything, to the gay couple walking hand in hand across the Brown quad. All in a day in America….btw -britney spears can get fucked up and married and annulled in vegas in 1.5 days and gay people cannot marry…get a f ing grip.

What  I really gots to say is watch your drinks…someone slipped a mickey into someone I know and it was not pretty-apparently.  I said America get a grip and I mean it. Do it the old fashion way…get patted down, cop a grip and bring em home. HA HA HA.

I wish everyone a great day…the few readers I have I do appreciate.–all your notes comments so bring em on. I am looking forward to more adventures in Montreal in May and catsitting in June.

Until next time…be well and keep smiling.

Here is a picture for my 420 fans…I actually ran right into snoop hurrying into a hotel one day a few years back working a meeting in New York City


hump day

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Sooooo dear readers…do more people hump on hump day because of the name…more importantly do YOU?

Funny how America has problems with sex. Though we are all closet nyphos 🙂 yes even you are! Studies show it is good for you, keeps your heart rate up (great exercise) and even masturbation reduces prostate cancer. Go figure. So why all the fuss. I personally think it is just another topic to talk about.

Week at work has been slow…mo. I am working on a few things though so hope to get the sales up. This damn recession has effected (with an ‘e’ I believe) nearly everyone. I just read a study that underwear sales are down something like 2.9% ha ha ha…they call me Webster fora  reason! I love finding out facts and knowing all kinds of weird crap. You need to know something, then come ask me cause I am going to find the answer.

I shaved my beard this week (sorry PG) was getting way to annoying. I still like to think (albeit with no hair) that my face looks somewhat young so the hair just makes me look older. Now being old is not bad, well actually all the aches and pains do suck, but it gives you perspective. I think I have almost always been an old soul..even if I am hip and suave. HA HA HA I crack myself up. But as Dave said, smiling is not to be taken for granted and laughing rocks even if you told me the ending the Marley and Me! ugh.

I am headed to Providence this weekend to see Vacca…cannot wait! We have such a good time together. Going to hit some clubs, and walk around and laugh. I get to meet his family which is nice as well. Too bad he moved away…damn economy again. He is way to restless though. I am glad I am feeling grounded and in a good place. Partly thanks to you my dear friends and readers.

I will leave it at that and wish you a happy remainder to your hump day…however you choose to celebrate!

PK aka Webster

Here is a pic from the recent parade in NH. My friend Lulu LOVED this shirt and took his picture…it is quite amusing 🙂


the bunny or the egg

•April 10, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello world,

Another week and another post. So can anyone tell me how the egg and bunny came together to join forces with Jesus ressurecting to collective call this Easter??? Beats me….

I as a child was forced to go to church. You see, my step mother was a church organist so it was ‘required’ that I go. Overall it was not the worst thing I guess. I would have like to choice, but at the age someone does all the choosing for you. There were some morning, I did not want to go…trust me. My father would whack a pan and spoon next to my head to wake me up. I was baptized, confirmed (along with my then girlfriend Rachel whom made out with me in the pastor’s office) but never was reall into the whole religious aspect (as most kids). I was giggling with my girl during confirmation and I even played the trumpet at some church event where I misseed a note and could not stop laughing. The flutist joined in and my step mom gave the me most evil eyes ever. Maybe it was all one big joke. Ha ha ha. Who knows. I do enjoy reading about other religions and all of their components, but it is so hard to think of so many of the wars have been fought over this. Let’s all be friends now.

My friend lulu got her house. I am very happy for her and hope she finds some peace and maybe a calloused hand or two. It will be a good experience for her. I want to buy something someday, but I need some more moolah (which is the oil that lubes it all together). Speaking of lubb-did you hear they made a bacon flavored one??? HA What will we humans think of next.

I had a nice time today hanging out with a friend. Though the comment of being ‘rough’ was a bit weird. Maybe I tend to come off a bit heavy handed, maybe not too open. Defense mechanism or pehaps a product of my society. I am a Leo after all and I do carry many many of those traits (as my friends shake their heads in agreement). I am doing more though with being mellow, relaxed, enjoying my alone time. I had a postively manic 20’s. I was on the go from here to there, trying new things and seeing new places. I am quite happy I have settled a bit more now.

So we are gonna get some rain are well…is all good. bring it on..the ark and all.

BTW: help me fellow readers…is it disc or disk (always wondered what the difference was)?

That is about all from me at this point…funny how I go grocery shopping these days and Paul2 jumps right out at me. Is it the competitive savings spirit or what.

I was web surfing and found this picture…what would your child think upon opening this on Christmas morning.

🙂 ciao