the bunny or the egg

Hello world,

Another week and another post. So can anyone tell me how the egg and bunny came together to join forces with Jesus ressurecting to collective call this Easter??? Beats me….

I as a child was forced to go to church. You see, my step mother was a church organist so it was ‘required’ that I go. Overall it was not the worst thing I guess. I would have like to choice, but at the age someone does all the choosing for you. There were some morning, I did not want to go…trust me. My father would whack a pan and spoon next to my head to wake me up. I was baptized, confirmed (along with my then girlfriend Rachel whom made out with me in the pastor’s office) but never was reall into the whole religious aspect (as most kids). I was giggling with my girl during confirmation and I even played the trumpet at some church event where I misseed a note and could not stop laughing. The flutist joined in and my step mom gave the me most evil eyes ever. Maybe it was all one big joke. Ha ha ha. Who knows. I do enjoy reading about other religions and all of their components, but it is so hard to think of so many of the wars have been fought over this. Let’s all be friends now.

My friend lulu got her house. I am very happy for her and hope she finds some peace and maybe a calloused hand or two. It will be a good experience for her. I want to buy something someday, but I need some more moolah (which is the oil that lubes it all together). Speaking of lubb-did you hear they made a bacon flavored one??? HA What will we humans think of next.

I had a nice time today hanging out with a friend. Though the comment of being ‘rough’ was a bit weird. Maybe I tend to come off a bit heavy handed, maybe not too open. Defense mechanism or pehaps a product of my society. I am a Leo after all and I do carry many many of those traits (as my friends shake their heads in agreement). I am doing more though with being mellow, relaxed, enjoying my alone time. I had a postively manic 20’s. I was on the go from here to there, trying new things and seeing new places. I am quite happy I have settled a bit more now.

So we are gonna get some rain are well…is all good. bring it on..the ark and all.

BTW: help me fellow readers…is it disc or disk (always wondered what the difference was)?

That is about all from me at this point…funny how I go grocery shopping these days and Paul2 jumps right out at me. Is it the competitive savings spirit or what.

I was web surfing and found this picture…what would your child think upon opening this on Christmas morning.

🙂 ciao



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One Response to “the bunny or the egg”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! After having so much free time this week and doing multiple grocery shopping trips I decided not to go back to a grocery store until May! I have no more room in my cupboards or fridge! Oh, and the answer to your disc question can be found at

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