hump day

Sooooo dear readers…do more people hump on hump day because of the name…more importantly do YOU?

Funny how America has problems with sex. Though we are all closet nyphos 🙂 yes even you are! Studies show it is good for you, keeps your heart rate up (great exercise) and even masturbation reduces prostate cancer. Go figure. So why all the fuss. I personally think it is just another topic to talk about.

Week at work has been slow…mo. I am working on a few things though so hope to get the sales up. This damn recession has effected (with an ‘e’ I believe) nearly everyone. I just read a study that underwear sales are down something like 2.9% ha ha ha…they call me Webster fora  reason! I love finding out facts and knowing all kinds of weird crap. You need to know something, then come ask me cause I am going to find the answer.

I shaved my beard this week (sorry PG) was getting way to annoying. I still like to think (albeit with no hair) that my face looks somewhat young so the hair just makes me look older. Now being old is not bad, well actually all the aches and pains do suck, but it gives you perspective. I think I have almost always been an old soul..even if I am hip and suave. HA HA HA I crack myself up. But as Dave said, smiling is not to be taken for granted and laughing rocks even if you told me the ending the Marley and Me! ugh.

I am headed to Providence this weekend to see Vacca…cannot wait! We have such a good time together. Going to hit some clubs, and walk around and laugh. I get to meet his family which is nice as well. Too bad he moved away…damn economy again. He is way to restless though. I am glad I am feeling grounded and in a good place. Partly thanks to you my dear friends and readers.

I will leave it at that and wish you a happy remainder to your hump day…however you choose to celebrate!

PK aka Webster

Here is a pic from the recent parade in NH. My friend Lulu LOVED this shirt and took his picture…it is quite amusing 🙂



~ by whitelightningct on April 16, 2009.

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