movin along…

Hey readers. I am back from my weekend in Rhode Island. I am currently enjoying 4/20 🙂  (no not happy hump day).

Had a great weekend with Vacca…great exercise, great nightlife. I had a swell time–and I am going back!!!

Well, let me say that I did go out on Friday I (went to New Haven  on Friday) which was an certainly interesting experiences. The addage ‘you cannot teach and old dog new tricks’ is well very aliving and kicking–and not in a good way. How bad is peanut butter and chicken satay, I say YUM!  But I am aware we are all indivuals and you respect your elders and those with different tastes.

How nice was the weatherthis weekend..damn. I wore shorts…about time. As I say that, I say that some people are very weird. Joe and I met our share of characters this weekend. From the bartender with the condom on his pinky, to the homeless asking for anything to everything, to the gay couple walking hand in hand across the Brown quad. All in a day in America….btw -britney spears can get fucked up and married and annulled in vegas in 1.5 days and gay people cannot marry…get a f ing grip.

What  I really gots to say is watch your drinks…someone slipped a mickey into someone I know and it was not pretty-apparently.  I said America get a grip and I mean it. Do it the old fashion way…get patted down, cop a grip and bring em home. HA HA HA.

I wish everyone a great day…the few readers I have I do appreciate.–all your notes comments so bring em on. I am looking forward to more adventures in Montreal in May and catsitting in June.

Until next time…be well and keep smiling.

Here is a picture for my 420 fans…I actually ran right into snoop hurrying into a hotel one day a few years back working a meeting in New York City



~ by whitelightningct on April 20, 2009.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend…thanks for sharing

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