another day in paradise


Sorry I have not been blogging as of late-you know how excited you are to start something (diet, work out) and then it fizzles a bit? Well I am determined to stick with this.

My life is pretty good. I have not complaints, though I am learning more about myself recently. I have had one or two interactions with people and have come to realize that I need to tone down my boisterousness?? I tend to want to share my opinions or be a bit assertive at times when it is not always called for. I am a Leo after all-but no excuses. I have made a conscious effort to listen more in the past few years and respect others opinion (elders or youngens).

My job is going pretty well. I do really want to get this business off the ground. I have done a lot of research and reading and writing about it and I do think that this summer will be a good time. Even if just for fun. You dear reader, will be one of the first to get some updates when we are good to start.

I went to a few parties last nice. My friends Chip and Chris are great…both very smart but laid back and diverse. They have a good network of friends and are usually happy to have me tag along as they know I can get the party started right!! ha ha ha. I went to a real nice old house in Bridgpeort—heating it must have cost a fortune, then to an outside kind of party and mets lots of nice people….even if there were a couple of them with sticks up their asses (now, now Paul tone is down). Funny, though as I guess I made a good impression as I got an invite to another party next month somewhere else.

Well today is raining…I do like the rain. Forces me to slow it down and catch up on things.  I have to talk to my sister to see if her cat exploded with kittens you (on my ). I am going to help Lulu finish this paint job as well and get to the gym. My advice is read read ready…web surf, listen. I find out so many new cool and somtimes dumb things by it. My boss got me a magazine as her husband does not like it. So I read it and got a whole new exercise plan from it. SWEET.

Sorry this blog is a bit boring today…I will find something more exciting to talk about this week, but I figured I would check in. If anyone knows how to add a COUNTER to my blog (hmmm Paul who never calls me) knows—please share.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!



~ by whitelightningct on May 3, 2009.

One Response to “another day in paradise”

  1. Not sure about a counter, but you can always check your stats on your dashboard to see how many visits you get! Glad to hear you had a great weekend. TTYS!


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