Life’s Instructions

Good evening reader (now is this singular or plural)!

My apologizes on such a long time blogging but I have been busy again which is a great thing.

Weather is getting warmer and weekends seem to be full, not that I am complaining. I just spent a wonderful weekend in Montreal. If you have not been–get your passport NOW and go for it. Traveling is so much fun (depending on the company) and I do have to say that Montreal is a little slice of Europe within driving distance.

My new car held up nicely (just say NO to VW) and lucky I drove (so I did not have to sit in my cramped back seats). We crammed three days worth of things into to….highlights–dancing until 4 AM, swimming in the outdoor heated rooftop pool of the hotel, eating brunch and dinner outside in little cafes…great wine, laughs and a bit of site seeing (though I had been up North once before). I may even go back in August as I met someone very nice…but we shall see.

My friend James is back from Hong Kong so cannot wait to see him this weekened (BBQUE) and I am speaking at an event this Saturday at UB about small business and entreprenership (sp). Not sure you all know, but I do want to start a small business out of my home soon, even just part time. I will give you more updates as they become available.

TV season is over. LOST was amazing, idol no so much. I am def not a bit tv viewer. I am though addicted to this bejeweled game on facebook…cannot get enough. It makes up for the crosswords I should be doing LOL.

I also will be cat/kitten sitting next month. There are 4 kittens all black and will be about a month old…so feel free to come on over and hang out and play with them. I live alone and not used to having full time companions-kittens or otherwise. It will be fun and cute I guess….lol

My grandma is not doing well–well about the same, prob going to a nursing home within a month which is perfect. She needs to be around people and tell them what to do and also get outside.

SOOOO readers I need your suggestions…going to get 1 final tattoo (I have 3 now) so I need you help. Currently I have one on my back, one on my check and one on my hip…I am thinking legs, but I have a bit of hairy legs so I figured you could send me your suggestions.

I also redid my bathroom (once again). This time Miami style…the curved shower rod–amazing and the white theme really does make it bigger….as they say bigger is better.

On that note I will bid you aideu and giving Webo a shout for a happy birthday.

Until next time….


as always I will leave you with visualLife Instructions


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