And then there was sun…

Salutations readers!

How the heck are ya? Did ya miss me or what??? Yeah it has been a while. I may for the summer months just post 1-2 times per month to keep you all updated on this and that.

So far my month has been interesting.

Exhibit A. I am now the cat herderer as my sister left for France and left me with 4 month old kittens and the mother. Life is a bit challenging. The kittens are cute, but my hands and feet don’t agree as they bleed and hive often. The mother, though my sister would not be to hear, is an attention whore. Every minute of every day. Mind you, I have been living in my own little space for a while…so the neediness came as quite a shot. We are dealing (but only on week 1).

Exhibit B. I went on a third date recently with someone. The first went swimmingly, the second horribly wrong and the third—was the charm. Sometimes it takes some patience, understanding and and open mind. So I am happy that went well.

Exhibit C. I went to a party where everyone was wearing only underclothes. Exciting-a bit. Strange-sure. I guess after 5 minutes and some swamp water punch it was like a day, well night at the beach. The hot tub rocked and everyone seemed cool.

Case adjourned. 🙂

Next month….court case for speeding ticket and cop who was an ass….I am actually looking forward to going as he spelled my name wrong, did not put how fast I was going and made a rude remark after I asked him while he pulled me over. Should be fun.

My brother is officially moving the Florida. We don’t talk a lot, though I would consider us close. I wish him and his wife all the best. Be young, travel and explore. I have I think traveling is a great experience. My birthday is next month as well which is not so fantastic, but alas I am happy healthy and have great friends and family-no bring ’em on.

I haven’t gotten out my tennis racket yet, but soon will. By the way MAJOR PROPS to Roger Federer…I was so happy to see him finally win RG. He is the man. And the weekend he won, my friend Joe was down and we had the best time. Friends over, a few cocktails, went to see UP (was awesome) and got to do a bit of everything.

I also may be going back to Montreal in August….not sure…that or Seattle/Vancouver (few places in US I have not been).

So far so good. My work life is swell. I have been at the printing press for a bit over a year. I reached my sales goals (which in the economy was not feasible for most), so a pat on my back. I may explore some new options in the coming year…sales for sure, but one day at a time.

And as the title suggests, we have had little to no sun this month. I like cloudy days but come one now. I am hoping the summer will be great (already flying by) and I get to take my bike and tennis raquet out).

Enough blabbing…..

As always, I will leave you with a photo.

xo whitelightning

Did anyone know this about Superman?? I guess we are have our little fetishes 😉



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