the fun never ends…meow

well well well,

Good evening! I come to you today in the peaceful tranquility of my quiet, clean and fitfully serene dining room. It has been quiet a month, so I figured I would take a few days removed from my recent house guests to exhale and enjoy the silence.

The last month has a been a test of will. As many of you already know, I took my sister’s cat in along with four kittens (who had never been outside of their box). I had actually thought about getting a cat as I live alone, but figured I would wait and see if this would be the right move after catsitting for a month. Well, my friend, I, rest assured no longer have an aching in my heart to take in a tray.

To sum it up…days became weeks. Plates became broked…plants felled…carpets shred and cords chewed to a pulp. Changing the cat litter of 5 cats became a nightmare and I became….well was almost on the verge of  a meltdown. Waking me up at 5 AM chewing on my ear. What was I to do. I sucked it up and waited, x ing off the days and the return to sender date finally hit. My sisters wised up and is put them in an enclosed pen…too late for me. She got two litter boxes…too late for me. Alas, you live and you learn. They were real cute…but so am I (have been told) but cute fades fast and shredded lamps shades should last longer.

Other than that…summer is moving real quick. I am loving the weather. My buds D and M moved in together (platonically) and I am real happy for them. Been playing a bit of tennis, gym not so much. I went to a real nice pool party two weeks ago and saw some old friends and it was just real nice to be connected (Swamp water rocks).

I still am looking to go to Seattle/Vancouver this year. I have not traveled too much and think that would be very cool (been most other places in US). Dating scene….well my friends, I am getting old and as another birthday is unrolled…let me same I am happy I love myself and am happy in my own space and life. Postitivity always wins out.

The next time I write, I will be another year older (unless a stranger moment of energy hits me).  So I wish all of you a very happy summer, with sunscreen, smiles and sand between your toes.

All the best my friends!


PS…of course I could not leave you without a new photo (referencing the blog and my man Federer) enjoy:Watching the Wimbldon final


~ by whitelightningct on July 19, 2009.

One Response to “the fun never ends…meow”

  1. Cute Pic….remember one cat would not be so tough….thanks for sharing

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