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Greeting earthlings…

I was in a foul mood today. One of, if not my closest friends had a bit to unload today and I happened to hear it…did not make for a pleasant taste to start the day. I do like the rain mind you, sometimes a lot but overall felt a bit down and out of sorts. Ah well, this too shall pass.

While I was organizing (I LOVE to organize), I came across a spreadsheet I made of all of my travels…I am going to post it so check it out (now some of the dates are blurry as I was either drunk, too young, suffering from early stage Alzheimer’s or just cannot remember).

I want to compartmentalize everthing, well I think it is more about keeping the memories as I age. We do so many things that we can forget some of it. So I write it down…well that is what my excuse is…my other one “Lawyer fucked me” (whoever knows what movie line that is from gets a special prize.

I am still waiting for my insurance check…how f ed up is that. 5 days after getting my new car I get hit by an 18 wheeler. I am not even going to get into all my car stories…that would take forever. I do wish I had a camera for some of them.

Speaking of camera…one bit of advice: buy Panasonic. I have a TV, camera, DVD, headphones and they ALL rock. So pleased.

That is all for the moment.



Check out the pic…it is an annual custom in Japan (WHO KNEW)?? I should go and bring my “I love my penis” magnet…thanks


another weekend…

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Here we are at another Sunday night. Made some nice spaghetti (which I eat rarely) and looking forward to UCONN women. Weekend was good…kind of quiet. I am trying to not spend tons of money as I want to pay off my credit card and more of an old loan. The nice warm weather really helped today. I went to the beach and saw the 9/11 memorial which I have been meaning to do. It was quiet and real real nice. I had a nice long chat with Vacca and we have such easy and smooth conversations.

Speaking of conversations…I have done a lot of things in my life (dropping a brick on my foot or going over the center median at a McDonald’s rest stop may have not have the smartest (as my laughing friends could attest), but I could always speak well. As I am getting older and have more experiences to fill my mind and share or learn from, it gets even a bit easier to know when to hold back or say things or temper my speach to fit a situation. One thing I do have a difficult time with is shy and quiet people. My best bud, Rick, especially at first would have these quiet moments in person and on the phone. I do love him, but god help me…drove me crazy and did not know what to do. He is more comfortable now and we speak well…but why is it so hard to just chat or relax or I dunno. Funny how it does not only show up in speech for some people but in actions. Walking behind instead of next to, keeping to oneself at a party (alcohol does change the game a bit), but to you dear reader (or if I am luck readers plural) what do you make of all is: Upbringing, low self esteem, not in enough social setting, brain chemisty??? Please share.

BTW…I got some new tunes this week:

Melinda Doolittle
Michael Buble
Sarah Maclaughlin remixed

I have also decided I am taking at least 1 week off this year for vacation…

Thanks for reading 🙂


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hello again :)

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Here we are again, a beautful cloudy Saturday morning. I am glad it is not freezing at least.

I am thinking this blog writing is a bit like writing a paper about yourself or maybe a bit like going to they gym. Let me explain. First, I enjoy writing and sharing and exercising for that matter, but as well can atest, it is sometimes hard to get started. Second, we are doing out exercises and writing and although we have moments of agony or in this case writer’s block or brain farts, we know we are proably doing a good thing. Once I get going I enjoy it…and once you leave the gym or publish you are like whoah that was great.

So as I mentioned in my last post I am going to try to be a bit more succinct with the writing. Yes, I may go off on a tangent, but I am sure not a lot of people (as at the moment, I have only 1 reader–thanks PG) will want to read about ramblings in all directions. I do hope I will have more followers as I do have a lot to share. Yeah-go figure.  I am going to fit some interesting tidbit in each of my blogs. Who knows where it will be but a juicy caramel nougat or nugget or however you spell it. I will use some kind of signal, whether is be a star or something that may tip you off…i.e. *I had both my hands crushed when my sister closed the rusted door shut when I was about 6; the door had to be opened with a crow bar*.

So I wanted to share with you my mixed feelings about a current situation. That being my grandmother. All my life (I lived with her for a number or years) she has not trusted anyone and has usually been very bipolar. Very sweet and nice but also very very cruel. Toxic as my mother would say. She has now gone off a the deep end a bit and in the past few years started to have dimentia. That is not too too crazy, but the police have been involved and has since been put into the mental hospital twice (where she currently is). The thing is, she was all about appearance and telling anyone that she was the queen and has lots and lots of money. She did work hard her whole life and did race 3 children, but she is not Leona Hemsley (well at least in the money sense) lol.  Her dillusions are about money and having wealth as I guess is not surprising. The whole family has been involved in some way or another. We all have someone what of the same feeling with a few of us having stronger emotions one way or another.

My sister (who I love dearly) lives a distance away, is a bit out of the picture as her location make is a bit difficult to be involved (but she has those cute little buttons to raise). My mother is here and very involved. Needless to say, my grandma does not like my mother (her daughter) and even after my mother took her in and spent a lot of money to make an  apartment so that granny would not have to go to a nursing home, my grandmother in one of her moments of lucidity decided to be a bitch and be nasty to her….which set my mother off and sent my grandma back to psych ward. Well I went to visit her in the hospital and she was very very happy to see me and we had a nice visit. I am going back in a day or so to bring her more clothes etc.  Here though is my conondrum: I think that my grandma is very cruel mean and deserves some of what she is getting…i.e. losing her house to the state, being in a nursing home-as she had been a wicked cold hearted woman. On the other hand, I still do care about here in my own little way. I am only one of the few her will help and visit her so it puts the pressure on me….Anyway, my mother wants me to tell her when I visit that she is going into the nursing hom–which she will NOT be happy with (of course). I already told her that the state has her assets. Should I do this, or let the nurses and social worker handle all this???? I pretty much have the answer but I figured let you my reader get involved.

On that sad note…lol.

Some random musing that y’all need to know about:

-If anyone wants to take me on a vacation to a warm beach-my bags are packed
-My friend Lulu is about to do some great things (and nothing to do with NKOTB)
-UCONN men and women this weekend!!!
-They legalized gay marriage in Iowa (IOWA????!! huh)
-Jamie ‘the naked chef’ Oliver just named his new baby: Petal Blossom Rainbow (wtf) and joined his two sisters: Poppy Honey and Daisy Poo (I am not making this sh*t up folks)
-Roger Federer (TMF) is still the greatest
-Thinking about getting Wii
-I think Pearls by Sade is one of the sweetest songs ever
-VERY interesting that yahoo does not make you type when signing it (a la hotmail) but has REAL bad spam guard

ALL RIGHT…thanks for reading.

Seacrest OUT!!! HA HA HA


here goes nothing

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HMMM…hello lil computer. I do have to tell you that I miss using my pencils and pens–the keyboard is cool and all, but what happened to using our hands a bit more. I know I try to use my hands quite a bit. LOL well…I do.

What else does one blog about. Life is good. I am overall pretty healthy (but those lil things problems never stop). I do like my job, and my apartment. Funny how life moves along. Some days you want to just stay put and do nothing (and then feel guilty), while others days I am out and about. I cannot wait for the warm weather…yeah son. Lisa f ing Lampa hoo haaa…that bitch cracks me up. I had to bring that ho bag up in this blog at some point. Those who know me know that she is a riot.

That was a bunch of diff things eh. If I do continue, I will try to write with a bit more continuity (love that word). It is kind of like advantious (sp), the way it sounds lol. I should share a bunch of stories now some crazy things that have happened to me but for the moment, I will leave it short and sweet (which I am NOT)…well short I am.

I also want to give a special shout out to Paulie G. (Brian) and to my bud Joey V in Rhode Island…peace brother, keep up the good word (you folks need to check out the dope sh*t he writes) and look foward to seeing you.

Until later, or sooner….thanks for reading.

w lightning

This is just a test…

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if you hear anything after reading this…run like hell!